Every party has a story. Please allow me to tell you this hilarious one…

One of our clients called us to cater her husband’s 50th birthday party.
As we started planning the details the standard elements were all there.
Invitations? Check. Cupcakes? Check. Specialty cocktail? Check. Footers
uniform for the birthday boy? Chec… Wait, what?!

Instead of guests surprising the birthday boy, the birthday boy wanted to
surprise his guests! The whole family was in on it, and his wife said the
trick was to not tell a soul, not even his family. No one could keep a
secret this big.

The night of the party guests arrived right on time, were offered a
pomegranate martini, and waited anxiously for the birthday boy to walk
through the front door. No one noticed the guest of honor, donning a large
wig that covered much of his face, thick black rimmed glasses, an
uncharacteristic beard, and blue Footers uniform complete with a fake
nametag, as he passed hors d'oeuvres throughout the home.

A few guests noticed that this staff didn’t have the usual tact or food
knowledge of our trained service staff, but dismissed it until the geeky
service staff jumped up on the living room table! Mouths dropped and the
room fell silent, until the staff lifted his head, smiled, and spoke his
first word of the evening: “Surprise!” The room erupted in cheers as
everyone caught on.

Our client had a fabulous time pulling the wool over his friends’ eyes,
and the food, libations, and friends made the evening a huge success.
Events like this make our job so much fun and keep us thinking how we can
help our clients create a great party with wonderful food, professional
staff and a few surprises slipped in!

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